McGowan’s Oakhurst Pub
Κατάλογος Σχεδίων

Year Built:





321 W. Hill St.

Decatur, GA

Professional Interiors, Inc.

5003 sf.

McGowan’s Oakhurst Pub is an interior renovation of one of Decatur’s prized historic gems, one of the original buildings of the first Scottish Rite Campus in America, built in the 1910s. The original use of this building was to house disabled children, most of whom were recovering from surgery performed at Piedmont Hospital. A large screen porch facing south was believed to aide in their recovery providing fresh air and sun light. The building is also prized for it’s beautiful wood and steel composite trusses that support the roof and clerestory windows. The wood members are in compression and the steel members are in tension, giving the unaware visitor a lesson in truss design and structural forces. The new restaurant was given the owner’s Irish mother’s maiden name and the menu reflect’s her family’s heritage. In addition to solving many complicated problems with venting greasy restaurant exhaust through the roof of an historic structure, we had to develop creative solutions in order to store a plethora of beers in the basement while providing convenient access for the staff. A trap door behind the bar rigged with pulleys and cables allows the bar tender to descend via ladder into the beer dungeon to keep the taps flowing. In order to make the old building’s interior proportions more conducive to modern needs, we removed a load bearing wall that can easily be replaced should the building be restored to it’s original configuration. Simple non-evasive renovations like this allow historic buildings to remain useful, thus preventing them from being demolished. This project won a City of Decatur Design Award for Historic Preservation.

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