Taylor-Buis Residence
Κατάλογος Σχεδίων

Year Built:



Structural Engineer:



145 Jefferson Pl.

Decatur, GA

Arlene Dean

Stability Engineering

4847 sf.


This extensive renovation saved an historic home from certain demolition. Although a majority of the structure had to be replaced due to excessive deflection, rot, and other damage, the original character was maintained as the front porch and facade were completely rebuilt from the original materials, including the doors and windows. The original second story ceilings were too low for current code and the roof structure was full of rot and undersized rafters, so a new roof with a slightly steeper angle was used to provide proper ceiling clearances, while maintaining the character of the original design. The interior was opened up in a very old world, yet modern way. The owners met in Amsterdam and lived in lofts that were modern conversions of interiors of several hundred year old buildings. The exposed rafters and tongue and groove ceiling/roof deck warm up the space using an older building technique with a modern, green twist. The roof is insulated from above with rigid foam sheets providing a continuous thermal barrier with no thermal bridges like rafters. All wood and masonry materials were salvaged and reused. The main public space is a large kitchen/ dining/ living room with a two story vault, a 40ft long steel beam, and steel stair. This space is also the south face of the building and unfortunately the original design had a two story gable shape with no overhangs to protect windows from the intense Atlanta summer sun. A sun shade designed to look like a trellis uses wooden blades pointed at the winter solstice to provide maximum solar heat gain in the winter and eventually denying all heat gain as the sun approaches it’s highest angle in the summer. Interior doors, kitchen tables, shelves, wood stair screen, and other interior features were made from recycled wood from the original building by local artist Michael Courts.




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