Wasserman Residence
Κατάλογος Σχεδίων

Year Built:



Structural Engineer:



205 Maxwell St.

Decatur, GA

Arlene Dean

CFD Structural Engineering, LLC

5540 sf.


This extensive renovation completely transforms the look of the original structure. The main source of inspiration for the new design came from Greene & Greene’s Gamble House, which is considered by many as the pinnacle of the original turn of the century Craftsman Style Homes. Distinctive features from that style include the use of exposed timber framing, low pitched roof forms with large overhangs, gangs of windows, and extensive built-in furniture. We removed the front porch brick addition on the right side of the original house and reused about 90% of the original floor system along with more than 50% of the original walls. The original garage was converted into a pool house and the new garage was built in front of it. The upper level terrace on the front of the house serves a dual purpose as a carport while also creating a signature display of complex exposed timber frame construction synonymous with the Craftsman Style of Greene & Greene. The roof structure is made of 4x8 rafters about 5ft apart and 2x6 tongue and groove decking which creates an exposed wood ceiling finish as well as being the structural roof deck. This early 20th century design style features state of the art energy efficiency design. The roof is insulated with a continuous 4 inch thick rigid foam insulation. A combination of house wrap, spray foam, and batt insulation provided a well insulated envelope with about one air exchange per hour. The mechanical system utilized mini-split technology with a combination of ducted and ductless units. This type of HVAC technology inverts AC current to DC, which allows the machines to use the exact amount of electricity needed by each device rather than dumping the unused electricity as AC devices are designed to do. All of the bathroom vents and the HVAC returns were routed through an Energy Recovery Ventilator that pulls fresh air into the house and tempers it with the old air being exhausted from the house by using a heat exchanger.


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