Fritz Taylor - Taylor-buis Residence

We really enjoyed working with Eric Rawlings on the design of our house. I work with industrial designers as part of my profession and I've learned that the best ones are those who can combine a strong creative vision with a real good practical understanding of construction and engineering. Eric is really strong in both his creativity/vision and his knowledge of engineering/construction. The result for us is a beautiful house that came in a bit under budget without any significant construction issues.

Besides being a smart and knowledgeable architect, Eric is extremely easy to work with. He did an excellent job asking us a lot of questions to really understand what we were looking for. He's a good listener and he puts his ego aside to make sure it is his client's vision that he then turns in to a beautiful design.

One other measure for me of a talented designer/architect is the ability to take a lot of input and then come back with a design that goes beyond what we had even imagined. Eric's design concept that he presented us took our thoughts and ideas and translated them in to something even more striking than we had imagined.

We have been in our house for 2.5 years now and love it. I am still impressed with how well thought out the entire layout is. My wife and I would highly recommend Eric to anyone considering building or renovating a home.

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Jessica Wasserman - Wasserman Residence

We hired Eric to design our home from the ground up. After a couple meetings talking about what we wanted for the house both inside and out he came up with an incredible design. We tweeked that initial design until it was perfect and then started building. Not only was the design fantastic, Eric was there every step of the framing, adding his input and making sure everything went perfect!

Anyone who has seen the house comments on it's pure beauty and incredible architecture!

In addition to an incredible architect, Eric, is so much fun to work with and so easy to work with. He was so fully committed to our project it was hard to imagine he was working on anything else at the same time.

Tim & Beate Sass - Sass Residence

Eric Rawlings designed our new home, both the structure and many built-ins. We gave him some general parameters and set his creativity free. He came up with a great design that was both functional and aesthetically pleasing. He was wonderful to work with, incorporating changes we requested and patiently trying different options as we "tweaked" his initial design to get things "just right." He does everything on a CAD system, so he could show us both 2D and 3D renderings as we considered design options. His services were very reasonably priced; he even threw in a cool mailbox design for free.

Cheryl Nahmias - Nahmias Residence

Eric was the architect on our new home in Decatur, GA. We found him to be a creative and hard-working partner in designing our home. He was open to our questions and ideas and always completed his work for us on time and in a professional manner. We love our home and all of the spaces that Eric created or us. He worked closely with our builder to be sure that our home was all that we had imagined.